Firer Family Charitable Foundation

Who We Are

Firer Family Charitable Foundation ("FFCF") strives to fulfill the goals of its founders in strengthening educational, cultural and spiritual opportunities, promoting and protecting children's health, and supporting Jewish families in need.

Established by the Firer Family under the spiritual leadership of and partnership with Rabi Zalman Lipskar of the Shul, The Firer Family Charitable Foundation is a private, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Jewish families and children in need.

Our Founders

We are so grateful to all those who join our team, enabling the Foundation to help more families and children in more ways each year.

Having learned through experience the range of issues facing Jewish families and children in the United States, the Firer Family Charitable Foundation was started by Oleg Firer and Rabbi Zalman Lipskar. Born in the Soviet Union, Oleg Firer and his family became refugees in the United States in 1989. His education was minimal and his family was poor, but these handicaps were never obstacles to his becoming a very successful entrepreneur and financial services executive at an early age.

The Firer Family

Under the leadership of Pavel and Larisa Firer, the Firer Family forged a path of refuge from the Soviet Union to the United States in 1989. Decades later, the Firer Family never forgot, or attempted to forget, their perilous beginnings and a rough journey to the United States. Today the Firer Family's roots have expanded to include Pavel & Larisa's son, Oleg, and his wife, Karina and their two daughters, and Pavel & Larisa's daughter, Tatyana, and her husband Ernest and their two sons.

Rabbi Zalman Lipskar

Born in Miami to his illustrious parents, Rabbi Sholom and Chani Lipskar, Shluchim of the Rebbe, grew up in an environment, which was totally committed to benefiting society and making the world a better and holier place. After high school he was educated in the Central Lubavitch Rabbinical College in Montreal, Canada and then in the Rabbinical College in Manchester, England and later as a Shliach apprentice in South Africa. He was ordained in the Central Lubavitch Rabbinical College at 770 Eastern Parkway. He then founded a venture philanthropy-based company benefiting national charities and presently serves as Associate Rabbi at the Shul of Bal Harbour.

Oleg Firer

Mr. Firer, born September 18, 1977 in Odessa, Ukranian SSR as Oleg Pavlovich Firer (Russian: Олег Павлович Фирер) is an experienced leader with the knowledge in corporate transactions, financial services, wireless technology and logistics. The success he has had in the past includes experience as a senior operations manager, building presence and generating profitability in highly competitive markets. He also has proven achievements in new product launch, new market development and establishing market presence. Mr. Firer currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Net Element International (NASDAQ: NETE) a global technology-driven group specializing in electronic commerce, mobile payments and transactional services. Mr. Firer is also a Co-Chairman of Star Capital Management, a private equity investment firm and currently sits on boards of various companies.